How often do you get caught up in negative things, - whether attitudes, problems, unfortunate circumstances, that all seem to conspire against your plans and goals? We can all be quick to lay the blame elsewhere, but we set our own fortunes. Come to one of our “UNLOCK POTENTIAL” seminars based on my original presentations given on the unlimited potential that we all have, - whether as individuals, in teams, departments, organisations, right back to family.

Unlock your potential

Through these seminars, tailored if requested to your requirements, you will achieve:

  • MORE EFFICIENCY, through re-focusing on key issues
  • MORE MOTIVATION, through improved communication and identification of common goals
  • MORE TEAMWORK, through the recognition of each team member’s importance and responsibility.


By the end of the seminar, you will have

  • Explored the potential that is at hand
  • Re-considered key objectives
  • Formulated realistic, relevant and practical action plans

How it works

This common sense and very practical course looks at people as individuals, members of teams, and at your organisation. Using a constantly changing combination of active lecturing, written materials, self-appraisal exercises and group discussions they will learn:

  • How to achieve more with less effort
  • The true extent of their potential, and how to use it
  • How to progress in a practical manner beyond Total Quality Management
  • The Fundamental Laws of Existence, including self-worth, attraction and expectancy.
  • How to guarantee success
  • End-result planning.

The scope of the seminar(s) is set by a planning meeting to ensure your goals and aspirations are covered.



"The group's attention was held excellently with relevant and vivid stories. The ideas from the presentation and those generated from the workshop were very practical. I would highly recommend this presentation because it makes you think about ownership and about potential...and it is very motivating... It should be compulsory viewing."  L S, Lead Governor of Personnel, National College

"I would recommend it for team building purposes. It confronts people's attitudes and unless these are right then other formal job specific training is of little value."  S B, New Business Manager,  Training and Enterprise Council

"Ken is a tremendous speaker who is touching individuals powerfully. His real world message is right on target. He allows people to look at themselves in a new light and challenges them to strive for more. I recommend him to you with great enthusiasm."  R P, America's Business Attitude Coach, January First Group.

"I found the Unlocking Potential Course interesting, thought provoking and is definitely one of those course that one needs to work on, but if one does so with enthusiasm, and Ken's enthusiasm is infectious, then one can only benefit. Would like to develop...for our Partners' Conference.  J F, Managing Partner,  Chartered Accountants

 "The quality of presentation is extremely high with almost all participants expressing a high degree of satisfaction. It is a clever mixture of presentation and participation, with most attendees expressing a desire for more of the same. Its contribution is immeasurable in that it has formed an ideal start for a personal appraisal / development system....I would recommend it to any organisation wishing to develop its personnel in order to achieve a greater quality of output and performance."  D M, Director of Operations,  National College for the Disabled

"It made me believe in myself"   J N, Student

 "An excellent and supportive day, - unthreateningly presented. 10 out of 10."   S D, Director of Training, National training consultants and advisors to Accountants

"It achieved its objectives very well. I thought it worthwhile, and would recommend to anyone considering this kind of course."  C J,  Birmingham & West Midlands Society Chartered Accountants England & Wales

 "A workshop which addresses the issue of unlocking potential is invaluable. Ken has been working in this area for a number of years and has unbounded enthusiasm for unlocking the potential of individuals, teams and organisations. His workshop is applicable through a wide range of situations. I see this as a valuable "how to" in a world increasingly full of missions and goals, but few structured approaches to fulfilment."   D L, British Junior Chamber

"Very straightforward concepts, easily understood. They helped me to re-affirm exactly where I'm going, and why I'm going there. This course should be offered to all graduates leaving show them how they can be more effective....The presentation style was very polished!"  C H , Coventry University graduate

"At first I was a real sceptic, and just went along for curiosity alone. But for the first time I began to find the real me, and with others in the group we were all reaching our goals together.   K W, Student Governor, National College.

The above indicative quotations were all verified and accepted by the persons concerned as part of the publicity material for the workshop "Unlock Your Potential".