What do you love to do most? Whatever it is, doesn’t it get your full and undivided attention? If you love someone, doesn’t that same feeling automatically apply? Love is the most powerful force that anyone can experience. When you love something with all your heart, the extraordinary can and does happen. Love is at the same time protective and inspirational, forgiving and challenging. The world needs more love. Loving our true nature blesses not just ourselves, but all whom we think about, and this will in turn bless the world.

The Book

This book is unique. The experience and practicality of the author shines through this book for it is written from the heart.  It is about the universal power of love, a power we have all known and experienced. It is addressed to everyone who wants to identify and prove the reality of not just their true potential but also that of all those they meet, and with whom they have contact.

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The Author

Ken Cooper trained as a chartered accountant, and became a partner with one of the major international accountancy firms. He was actively involved with British Junior Chamber and Junior Chamber International and developed his own series of seminars and workshops on “Effective Speaking” and “Unlocking Potential”. His love of training blessed many people, and he has given presentations across the world to a wide variety of audiences and participants.

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The Results

When love dominates our actions we can surpass what is the norm. In reading this book, we see how. There are no fancy formulae – indeed the great strength herein is its simplicity indicating the power of love to open the way that is before us all. The unlocking of what we have within is inevitable, because it is there. The ability to love what we do, and love what we are, brings out a new love of life. It guides us to do things differently, otherwise we remain as we are.